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Here you are able to download an online version of our magazine for completely free. Enjoy.

issue 13
out now

Scroll Magazine is an online and print magazine. 
The magazine aims to represent a variety of small local artists in the Hull area. Scroll is a platform that intends on helping smaller artists gain exposure and promote their own artwork. From writers, to photographers, to artists, the magazine is a collection of works from a large group of influences and backgrounds.


Procured by a small group of 16-29 year olds with a passion for art, the magazine was founded on an ideal to incentivise creativity in Hull as well as showcasing what it has to offer. The city has a bubbling, artistic and cultural scene, and The Scroll is potential that lies beneath. With every issue included will be a feature artist who will have their work showcased on the cover of the magazine, as well as a short interview. We hope this will give artists further exposure.


Scroll Magazine hopes to act as a platform for smaller artists to get their work published and to potentially form collaborations.


The Scroll Magazine will be published every two months for the moment, with possibilities in the future to become a monthly curated magazine of art.

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